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You might think that we do everything around here but that simply isn’t true! There are some amazing community and volunteer groups in Somerville and here is just a sample of the incredible work they do to make Somerville the heart of Central Jersey!

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A Rude Holiday Carol Ghost Walk


Take a walk down Main Street and meet Mr. Zebulon Rude who is in desperate need of Holiday Cheer. After a visit from his deceased former business partner Jacob Farley, he receives 3 additional visits from the Spirits of holiday’s Past, Present & Future. He comes to realize with the help of the audience that there is still time for him to save not only his future but that of young Kelly Hatchet, his secretary's daughter who has a treatable illness.

Tours start at 5:30pm and run every 15 minutes until 8:00pm. Please note - the 8:00pm tour is strictly for walk-ups only and will be $25 per person. Each walking tour will last around 50 minutes making stops at 7 different locations!

Saturday, December 11, 2021
145 W Main Street